“family matters”


“family”.. what could i really say about it. i was raised being told that’s its not my “family” to not try with them. for a while, i couldn’t understand why but as i grew older i started to see and understand why. it wasn’t that my mother was selfish with her “family” and it wasn’t that she hated “them” and wanted me to have nothing to do with “them”. it was that she understood them, and knew that if they would isolate her from the “family”, talk shit about her and completely shun her, they would do the same with her children. life would show me that there was a reason behind raising me that way, because this “family” would do just that. it’s more a social group in high school who thrive off bad mouthing and making up crazy stories about each other. an alcoholic who carries them self like they’re a celebrity from a political issue over 5 years ago, whom the “family” loves even after awful things are said about them and to their children but conveniently doesn’t remember. or this self proclaimed born again christian who feels bad for not being able to help the nieces and nephews while ignores their phone call YET lives in a glass house where the offspring holds closet deeds… or this sensitive one who feels its appropriate to shun and single out the nephews even if it is with giving them the finger in the mall. they all claim love for this “family”. where is the love in accusing people of things they don’t do. where is the love in getting a kid to drink with them out of loneliness. where is the love in sexually preying on children. where is the love in lying about your siblings, nieces and nephews. where is the love in not believing a sexual confession from a child. where is the love in distorting who god is.

with the exception Of A Few who weren’t close enough to mention.