Finding God


as a child and being told that all i have in this life is god… well… i come from a strong catholic background from my grandfather that lost its strength with my mother whom never pushed religion on any of us kids and left it for us to decide what to believe in… my grandfather on the other hand swore and lives by it… all his kids slowly strayed and found their ways in different churches other than the catholic church… i on the other hand prayed wholehearted as much as i could, especially being in the type of atmosphere i was in and feeling as alone as i felt i relied on god and not so much the church or religion those 2 did nothing for me, but in some strange way i thought god could… it started with prayers to have things change but i noticed the more i prayed for change the worse things became… then i started to pray for an intervention only to find even less of god in that… then the prayer for a sign that went unanswered and all i could think was how it did nothing for me and as steadfast in prayer as i was quickly changed to an all out avoidance of anything that had to do with “god” … i knew or at least i thought he was there but that i wouldn’t allow myself to feel completely ignored and shunned by god…

now had i known that “GOD” had his own twitter account i would never had second guessed his existence…. @thetweetofgod

4 thoughts on “Finding God

  1. You don’t have to “find God”; I know this may sound rather ridiculously philosophical or in some cases slightly extreme but just look within yourself and you’ll find peace. Also as a side note, as long as you’re a good person with the right morals, you won’t find yourself needing to find God, you will live an equally fruitful and content life. I hope you have a great 2014 and that this year may be happier for you.


    • Merryn

      Kabilan, I’ve often wondered what are the point of good morals and being a good person – what purpose does it have, if there is noone to please? Where did morals come from in the first place? What happens at the end of your life – do you have any thoughts on whether there is an afterlife?


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