This shoe store


vegas isn’t a city im fond of nor have i found it to offer anything other then a good night you can’t recall and cheap drugs within arms reach all within a sleepless city and a steady supply is something that i am assuming makes vegas worthwhile …. to find some one who’s not bitter and pissed at one thing or another let alone strung up or strung out on this or that is an odd thing to come across….. it’s not all pessimistic views for this city that raised me, vegas just suits some people more than others…  what keeps vegas interesting to me isn’t the tourist who occupy the strip get drunk and cause scenes , but to me it’s the moments that perhaps go unnoticed most… we drove through this shit hole shopping center looking for this shoe store we were told about .. walking into this store i noticed the extra security measures that were taken to at least attempt to prevent any robberies or vandalism from the surrounding neighborhood which isn’t an alright area … the bars on windows and the barbed wire on the roof to keep people out of the stores that their hopes revolves around… when i got into the store i noticed how it was only us in there despite the big sale that had been posted in the window, either were in a moment were we missed a lot of people or had been her only customers for the day… given the surroundings the store was in she had kept her store incredibly clean and neat as you could tell she loved it with how she took care of it… she was completely helpful with my mom in something that she needed.. she was running her store with her daughter who was probably only 9 or 10 and when my mother went to the counter ready to check out mom asked if she could check the zippers to her heels to make sure they worked, the lady grabbed a pair and went to zip it up…. in her daughter noticing her mom couldn’t get it to zip she grabbed the other heel and tried her self… you could tell with how her daughter jumped right into helping her mother without being asked that she was probably used to helping her mom…where the mom was struggling with it eventually the daughter spoke up and said she got it to work and showed my mom… the way her mom glanced over at her and smiled was beautiful.. you could see struggle, pain and maybe worry in the moms eyes but when her daughter got the zipper to work you could see this sense of relief and reliance that she had towards her daughter.. walking out of the store it reminded me of certain things in my life.. being relied on as a child showed me how important that comfort is in peoples life… some things are even clearer to see or feel when you have or have felt those same things in your life..

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