Cupid’s point


Love…. i saw early on how dangerously powerful love can be, the light it brings into one’s life and the potential darkness it can at times hold.. love is so important and seeing what a person does in order to Have that love and be loved some times seems like a never ending search that most feel they won’t find or aren’t worthy of and with others perhaps an unfulfilled desire with how many times they fall in love…

i have known some people who fell in love right off bat in every relationship they where in, i wondered if they were genuinely in love with who they happened to be with that moment but perhaps they were falling in love with love it self… maybe they felt love would offer something different with different people or maybe their desire of love couldn’t be satisfied… part of the effects of cupids arrow was an uncontrollable desire… which seems to still be the case today..

it seems like some people are completely confused with what love consists of.. the abuse some people take in the relationship they are in because they feel like that is part of being in a loving relationship is something i find completely sad.. tolerating such abuse for so long so they can feel whatever kind of love is felt either in what few moments genuine love is shown or abusive love is all they know… as i read The dark origins of Valentines day by Arnie Seipel i noticed love and abuse even then… seems like love and abuse go hand in hand..

valentines day seems to be a day to celebrate confused concepts of love and a day for some to buy true love gifts, maybe your the one gift, i hope your the one gifts, the gift before it’s over gift, the day to buy the main gift and the affair gift and maybe even guilt gifts…

25 thoughts on “Cupid’s point

      • On love in general, no. Love at the moment is pretty far from my mind but I’d like to think if I’d be open if I found that person. I will admit that at the moment I’m probably less receptive than I used to be. :/


      • it sounds like its the first time your actually enjoying who you are, i notice the extent people go to find some kind of “love” and to me it’s crazy, to see that you put that aside to focus on who you are is completely admirable….
        my names Teddy btw


      • Thanks Teddy. I appreciate the admiration. But I think more wen need to take time to love themselves and take care of their souls and hearts and find a passion to pursue. So many women are trying to find “love” but aren’t interesting enough to even hold a conversation.


      • haha how true is that,so far your one of the few who is interesting enough to hold a conversation… where your statement is completely true on women needing to love themselves, what do you think men to do…?


      • I think men should try to be a little more interesting as well! While there is NOTHING wrong with being a sports junkie and being obsessed with the “Alien” franchise, there’s something to be said about about having read a few books or seen a couple of Indie flicks or even traveled a bit. I’m all about someone who has eaten interesting food or likes beer outside of the Bud Light family. But honestly in the area where I live it’s tough. Women should expect more from men on an intellectual and personality level and less from the standpoint of “who looks the most like Channing Tatum?” Or “he always foots the bill in all situations”.


      • how true is that… Sounds like you have had a dull experience with men to say the least or you know exactly what your looking for at this point… that last statment on money and looks is exactly what vegas is about…


      • I’m an Indiana girl. I just think that there has to be something more to a person. I don’t know what I want at all. I think that when I run into someone who sparks an interest for me it is big deal. I mean I go on dates and get to know men often but eventually I find that they usually can’t keep my attention. I’m don’t know. What do you think women are doing wrong? What is your experience or what have you observed that women in general are lacking or just not understanding?


      • im sure there is alot more to people…
        people seemed to be layered in influence from the people who raised them, which is fine and all but that’s not you and i feel like that takes away from them… well, you don’t know what you want… do you know what you don’t want in a man?

        in being raised and brought up by mostly women i tend to cater to women,but i noticed though how some of the women who raised me weren’t sure what it was they were looking for in relationship or to young to care, more often then not thought another relationship would offer something better.. but most often it was the guy who couldn’t figure out what he wanted…


  1. Thank you for sharing…You brought up some great thoughts on love, falling in love and being in love. It’s easy to fall in love it isn’t easy to maintain love unless there is substance. Without substance there really isn’t a relationship worth staying in.
    When I was younger I went through relationships and had a hard time staying alone. I see so many people fall into this cycle of needing to have a relationship just to exist. Those I think are the one ignoring the red flags just so I could fill that void are destined to fall apart and be miserable just as holding onto something that isn’t going to alter you to another vibrational level.
    After I had my kids I discovered I liked not having to have a relationship. I could stand on my own be independent. Though I know it won’t be permanent because I crave partnership and the deep bond of friendship. Someone to share my life with that I could trust.
    I was never really able to see a safe thriving relationship growing up without a Dad. I do worry for my kids as well. Will they have a hard time. You give a great perspective on growning up with a single mom. A lot of things to take into consideration. Making that choice to jump in and open up is hard, as it should be.
    Even though I don’t jump in anymore… I enjoy the secret freedom of being inspired…


  2. If you could turn this post into billboards, and place them all over North America, that would be great!

    I believe the concept of love is being taken for granted. Loving someone is caring and wanting the best for that person, but BEING in love with someone, is not just caring, but being completely selfless.

    I’m sure a lot of us have been heartbroken, and it affects everyone differently. I’ve been heartbroken in many ways, to the point where I got emotionally tired. It’s like a broken mug. Even though, you may be able to glue it back together, it will forever be broken. The difference is that it’s amended.

    But, I’ve learned that being a loving person is who I am, and I will continue to love. No one should be afraid to share love, whether it is with a friend or a significant other. No one should punish themselves for the mistakes of others.


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