In 9th grade i was told to go to the supply room to grab what we needed for the class.. when i walked in i gave her the list and she said “hi teddy, do you remember me”, i shuffled through my memories but she wasn’t at all familiar and before i could tell her that she said “i watched you and your siblings when you were children”, i then remembered who she was…

i made it a point to stop by as often as i could to see how she was doing from that moment forward…when things were at there worst around the house and not having no one to turn to, the fact she asked how i was and if i was alright meant the world to me.. I never opened up and said what was going on but she seemed to tell when something was bothering me because she had random comments like “everything is going to be okay teddy”… without me telling her anything there was something about her that would calm all my emotions there was something beyond comforting about her..

She asked me if i could do this or that for her whenever i stopped by her class, i told her i would and that i didn’t mind and she would tell me things like thank you *i am just to tired, *that she couldn’t keep up with the things she had to do *that she wanted to lay down… and after i helped her she asked if i would walk her out, locking arms so i could help her walk.. one of the times i walked her out of her room she fell, luckily she was locked in my arm so i broke her fall, for the most part atleast, as i helped her up she said thankfully your here to help me i asked if she was okay and she told me she was gonna go home because *she was tired…

i can’t recall the time frame but after a while of my frequent stops to see how she was, the door was locked… after so many times of knocking on a locked door i stopped all together, while i thought it was odd, i didn’t think much of it i just assumed she was busy….

after what might have been a few months of not seeing her i was told she passed away…she said someone filled a missing person report and that they found her in where she was living.. she fell in her apartment right in front of her door face down… they said it was almost 2 weeks before anyone found her…

as with everything else in my life that bothered me i buried it, and refused to acknowledge it……….

so many years have passed without thinking of her up until i get a comment on a post and noticed how familiar her name was… she shared the same name of my friend who passed

feeling her presence lately my mother confirmed it in saying that she was here..

i realize that even though i didn’t think about her all that much, that she had been with me, and will continue to always be with me..